Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baz Luhrmann-Wear Sunscreen

Do you remember this song from 1999?!

 Listen and you will!  Still some of the best advice 15 years later.

I am SO happy I randomly remembered this.

Samantha Pleet

Dreamy look-book for Fall/Winter 2014 (even though I am 100% summer mode right now).

Whisper+Post Secret

Have you heard of this new app called Whisper? I tried it out, but found it wasn't for me...

Anyway, it reminded me of that old (ish) book Post Secret, where everyone sent in their darkest secrets on a post card (anonymously) and the author published them into a book. Of course, now there is a website…and an InstaGram! Go check it out! (All the italicized words are links)

Plus-Some examples so you get the gist.

More or Less, Less is More #10

The more I've been thinking, the more I want to pack up all my stuff and move to Charleston, South Carolina once I'm done with school. I have grown to love the south. So for this edition of "More or Less, Less is More"- Small, lovely, southern-isque homes.

Plus-Elvis's birth home! Perfectly Southern.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Damian Marley-Love and Unity

 Couldn't find an actual music video. But- This. Song. Is. GREAT.

(just rediscovered it from my teen days)

Five Funny Things






Three Artists No.7

    1.) Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter who died in the early 1900's- her work is simple line     drawings with brilliant subject matter and a soothing color palette. See more work here.

2.) Anna Jenson's bright bold & quirky paintings (with awesome titles). Go see more of her work here. I highly recommend doing so.

3.) Cayce Zavaglia is mind-blowing-all these portraits are done with thread and needle. Yea embroidery portraits. Thats happening now. See more here!

Check ya soon with more AMAZING art. Hard to keep up with it all! Remember to check out all their websites via the links for tons more great art!